1962 BelAir Custom
Started: December 6, 2004
Finished: February 28, 2005

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January 23, 2005
I had  to shape and fit the inner panels to the rake of the body. So I first separated the door panel from the front.
I trimmed the parts as shown on the right.
A successful test fit.
I cut the rear posts of the roof to the level I liked.
I took the wheel and wide tires from the amt 64 Impala kit. I made a temporary assembly to see the fit. The front fender had to be opened for the full wheel or else steering would be impossible.
Though looking a bit odd now, the fender will be better after receiving a flare.
January 24, 2005
I cut a styrene strip and glued it on the inside of the wheelarch. Now it looks better.
Time to deal with the front end. I had to reduce its height to fit the rake end, or else the bumper would be sitting too low at the front. So I separated the bumper and the grille, meanwhile trimming off one row of grille due to cutting (and on purpose too).
Playing around, I held the grille upside down and- yes! That was how I would do it!
I trimmed the inclined sides of the grille to fit within the front of the body and temporarily glued the new grille to the hood for templating as I worked with the rest of the front end.
Now the original bumper looked very strange with the new grille and looking for some suitable below-grille part, I came across this Thunderbird custom grille. Looked convincing for some butcher act!