A 3-day Job.....
Mini Cooper
Winter Diorama

Started: 01 August 2006
Finished: 03 August 2006

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I built the car box-stock, even not going into engine details like tha fan, radiator, etc and glued the hood to the body. After all, this is a curbside model! 
I airbrushed some mud over the car, masking the wiper swept areas. I protected the inside with a masking tape over the model.
Then I applied flat clear all over and sprinkled sodium bicarbonate for some newly fallen snow effect.
Note that the tread patterns of the tires are not muddy in this photo. It is because I had covered the tire treads with Maskol before the muddy spray. 
And finally, the roof was given a separate snow effect and then glued on the car.
I brushed the snow beneath the car and revealed the stones, and sprayed bright clear to depict the wet road when the car was parked, before the snow fell.
 The finished diorama. I added two pine trees from Faller and some additional graffiti (prepared on the computer as decals) on the blind. The licence plate reads "NKV 22 Y" for the anniversary...