Scale : 1/87
Start: 14 October 2013
Finish: 27 December 2013   

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I painted the upper body.

I painted the TPMA too. I applied the decals I prepared on both.

I made dried mud effects with Tamiya pastels. The rubber tracks did not hold the pastels, so I covered them with aluminum duct tape and applied the pastels over it.

The umbrella was used as a protection from pepper gas capsules. I prepared the inside and outsides with mirror imaging and glued them against one another. I airbrushed a faint white dust on the inside to represent the underside appearance of the cloth.

I finished the dirtying of the tracks, fixed the chassis and the body with epoxy, made a wire mesh and fixed in in front of the cabin.

30 October 2013:

I began fixing the figures on the body with the man holding the umbrella.

31 October 2013:

..... other figures followed. Some wore white masks against pepper gas, I imitated them with white paint.

The finished POMA.

And the finished TOMA. Though not seen, two figures are sitting inside...

20 December 2013:

It took some time to figure out where the original photo was taken. By the aid of Google Earth and Yandex, I figured out the exact place. I scaled a proper portion of the area and made the positioning on the diorama base. The orange rectangle in the left photo is the area of the diorama. On the right side, the base planning is seen.

I prepared the road signs on the computer and printed them. To prevent painting the back side of the paper, I also prepared the backs on the computer and printed, then glued the front and back sides together.

I cut the base from plywood and glued no.2000 sanding paper and painted to asphalt grey. Then I made stencils from sticky paper and airbrushed white road lines.

22 December 2013:

I cut the pavements from 2 mm balsa, applied putty and painted them concrete. Then I glued them on the base. I had drilled the holes for the road signs and posts before.

I made the big road sign post from brass square tube by soldering. I made a female thread in the bottom, it will be fixed on the base with a screw. I made the base and support brackets from styrene.

I prepared the pavement border blocks from 2 mm thick styrene. I painted half of them yellow and began fixing on the base.

The base with border blocks and the big post fixed.

23 December 2013:

I made the traffic light body from styrene. I printed the front panel and applied UV-curing nail builder gel at the lamps. The sunshades were cut from a pipette.

24 December 2013:

I made the lighting and street camera posts from styrene tubing. The upper sections are from steel wire.
I used
UV-curing nail builder gel for the lamp clear part. I painted them with aluminum metalizer paint.

The posts and road signs in place...

I positioned the POMA and the TOMA on the base and fixed with epoxy glue. Then I airbrushed a light dust coat on the road, etc.

25 December 2013:

For the tent used as a shield, I made a frame from wire and glued a piece from a paper napkin over it.