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STARTED ON  NOV.25th, 2001  AND FINISHED ON  NOV.30th, 2001 !

I shaved the bumper sides to blend the bumper profile at the wheelarches.
Putty mess after the application at the tail and sides.
I tailored a side covering panel for the hood. I did not like the headlights, so I glued the kit's lenses in and sanded them smooth with the body.
I met the Nascar air intakes while excavating my parts box. They looked OK for a nostalgic-based looks and incorporate modern Xenon-lighting.
I cut the tailored side panel, so as to define the parting line of the hood. I glued the front parts in place.
I glued the other part on the hood, taking care to mate well while drying. Then I applied putty all over where necessary and sanded them smooth.
I then applied a primer to the car.
Day 5: I painted the car metallic dark green, put two clear coats over and assembled it. It was 30 minutes before my deadline to leave the house, and only the headlamps and front signal lamps were left undone...
The rear lenses have BMF applied under, for a shiny red when hit by some light.
The inside was painted dark leather brown and light grey. Floor, gear and handbrake levers and gauges are flat black. I also painted the hazed parts of the windshield flat black at the inside and the frame flat black at the outside. Sorry, no time to put carpeting or drybrushing the gauges.
A  general upper view of the car. 
And deepest thanks to my loving wife NAZLI, for her patience in letting me build this model, instead of sharing our last times together before I left. I appreciate her saying that this is the model she likes the least!!!