Build Period:
October 1996 - January 1997

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This is a general view of the central area. The chair is manufactured from copper wire, with the seat and backrest brass sheet covered with artificial leather,then stained and torn.

That is a general view from the side.

That is a better view of the Volvo 850 hood leaning on the sidewall. The writing indicates that a small mosque is somewhat 100 m. away in the direction of the arrow. The red marks belong to the land registry.

Here the master and his apprentice are on their work still... Those black dots are the points that were heated to a red-hot state and hammered to smoothen the surface. The fender is made of aluminium sheet. It was first painted red, and then the paint was scraped off to give the real looks. The hoses of the torch are thin copper wires, painted individually and then wrapped together.

Now you see a better view of the FIAT 131 . It took me weeks to configure out the internal panels of the car , going into workshops and taking measurements. The front panels are brand new with the Quality Control stickers. Beside is a lever-arm sheet metal cutter.It is also manufactured from 0.2 mm thick brass sheet.

This is a view to show the details on the front part of the FIAT 131. The bronze spots with black borders indicate a braze welding has been applied. The car is aged, so rust has formed here and there.

A frontal view of the workshop.

This is the close-up view of the torch. It is made of brass wire and the handle is from two-component epoxy putty. The tip of the torch and the valve knobs are droplets of cyanoacrylate glue. The flame is clear plastic painted transparent blue and held in place by cyanoacrylate glue.

These are the details of the dirty toilet door with no handles , the stained mirror , and the wash-basin discharge. The mirror is aluminium foil covered with scotch tape, and stain effect is given by first placing tiny paint droplets on the foil with the tip of a pin, then sticking the tape over all. Green soap jel is depicted by transparent glass paint.