Original Kit: Revell 7344
Date Started: 31 July 2005
Date Finished: 09 August 2005
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07 August 2005:
The energy source for the grille is a 12 kg household LPG tank. I first made the body by glueing two plastic plugs and filling the space between with steel putty. However, the plugs' material was not friendly with sanding, so I found a remedy by cutting two pill holders and fixing them over the prior, by epoxy glue.
I cut the upper and lower ring parts from styrene and constructed the LPG tank by CA glue. The small dents on the pill holder surfaces were excellent for used tank dents. I turned the regulator from sprue and put in place, drilling a 0.5 mm hole for the hose connection.
I covered the seats with computer-generated cloth pattern printed on paper.
The windshield was cracked inside the box, so I carried on with the cracks by scribing with #11 blade back.
For the plastic water can, I made a conversion from a Jeep CJ-7 kit's fuel can (left).
A king-size plastic salt shaker was turned from sprue too.
I weathered the tires to a great extent. Picture shows the difference between the new and the weathered.
The folding service counter.

The center window on the left side has no glazing but a hinged  counter that is folded down when stationary, for serving customers. I made hinges from stripped telephone wire as shown. I fixed the counter with tapes and first glued the hinges by the insulations, with CA glue, to the angle piece below the waistline.

After this had cured, I took off the tapes and applied CA glue to fix the hinge arms (wires) to the counter.

I drilled two holes to take two pins, that would be the internal fixing points for the restraining chain. I adjusted the lengths, pushed the pins through the chains and styrene, then applied CA glue. Then I cut the excess chains and pins.
The folding counter is in operation!
08 August 2005:
I fixed the grille and the LPG tube and connected the gas hose made from a piece of telephone wire.
I found the cap of a cream tube very suitable for a waste basket. My Dremel handled the situation...
Surely we need a nylon bag inside the basket. For that, I stretched a "bag" cut from a real garbage bag, over the handle of a plier. 
I put the bag inside the basket and fixed it with Testors clear glue.
Continuing with accessories... I prepared on the computer, a carton of salt and printed on rough cardboard and developed the box.
09 August 2005:
I shaped the box a bit and glued it on the floor as shown.
I made a service tray for the meatballs from 0.2 mm thick aluminium sheet.
What is an empty waste basket for?  I put two crushed Coke cans inside...(not built from  scratch for a change, they are from Detail Master!)