Original Kit: Revell 7344
Date Started: 31 July 2005
Date Finished: 09 August 2005
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09 August 2005:
I cut and shaped a pair of tongs from 0.2 mm thick aluminium sheet. 
I also made the knife from the same aluminium sheet. I positioned them on the refrigerator counter and fixed with Testors clear glue.
I needed some nylon bags that had some materials inside. For that, I made use of nylon garbage bags. I heat-welded the sides to form a miniature bag. I put some putty inside and tied the top with a piece of thread. Looks real!
I made 3 black and 1 white bags and put two in the carton box and two on the floor.
For the stool, I made use of a plastic cavity anchor (leg part) and the top of a plastic plug (seat).
All positioned and fixed inside. The last view before the body is put on...

The finished pictures...