Building Period:
30 March 1999 -
30 June 1999
PART   12
Now to the steering links. The items shown here are the bellcrank to transfer the fore-and-aft motion of the  rod from the steering box to right and left, pushing the track rods. The item on the right is the pivoting bracket of the bellcrank mechanism. All are made from 0.2 mm brass sheet. Note the four pop-ups made by hammering a point that resemble bolt heads when painted.
A pin is soldered to the bellcrank. Its length is cut so that the pivoting bracket will just fit in.
The two are assembled on the chassis with glueing the bracket on the chassis, taking care that no glue touches the pin, so that it will rotate freely.
Back to the body. Srips from styrene sheet are cut and given oval profile at the ends and glued with CA glue under the floor panels. These represent the reinforcing stampings on the panel.
The rear axle is united with the brake discs taken from the New Beetle. The wheel retainers are put in the hubs before assembling with 5-minute epoxy.
The body and chassis are painted at last. Clear amber glass paint was airbrushed for 5 coats.
The rear axle assembly is put on the chassis, with pins cut to proper length in the spring eyes and fastened with CA glue to prevent slipping off.
Templates for trim elements are traced on to paper from the body itself.
The floor and side kick panels are covered with self-adhesive black velvet sheet, cut in accordance with the templates.