Building Period:
30 March 1999 -
30 June 1999
PART   13
The front suspension is assembled. The New Beetle's front hub is glued on the kingpin, with the wheel retainer in between. The brake hose, made from Detail Master wire, is glued in the 0.5 mm hole drilled in the brake caliper and fixed on the upper wishbone with a tie of thin wire and a droplet of CA glue. The other end of the hose is inserted in the space between the chassis and the wishbone bracket, and gets out of sight...
The exhaust pipes are the fixed to the engine and the chassis with 5-minute epoxy.
The driveshaft is made from a plastic refill of a ball-point pen. The point part is inserted in the gearbox and the other end to the differential housing. The end of the refill was enlarged in diameter to simulate the universal joint.
The inside rear and rear quarter panels are trimmed with white fabric sticking tape. 
And so are the doors done with the same material. Trim elements from rosewood grain paper are cut and glued with CA glue, to simulate wooden trim elements.
The door handles were made by bending the tip of a pin and cutting off the excess part.
The holes for the door handles were drilled both on the outside and the inside of the doors......
......and fixed in place with CA glue.
The radiator was made from balsa sheets. Though not clear in the pic, there is a screen mesh from Detail Master to resemble the finned front area.