Building Period:
30 March 1999 -
30 June 1999
PART   14

The drag link between the drop arm and the bellcrank is made from 0.2 mm brass sheet, both ends drilled 1 mm dia. and bent as shown. Later it was painted gloss black.
The joint here is a pin , prevented from slipping by a drop of CA glue and excess part cut off.
The drag link now connects the bellcrank and the drop arm. The drop arm is also made from 0.2 mm brass sheet, two holes of 1 mm dia. drilled at both ends. The length of this part is only 4 mm.
The left track rod is made just like the drag link, with the only difference being that the hole at one end is C-shaped by a cutout. This provides the fitting of the link on the steering arm by a light push. The other end is jointed to the bellcrank by passing a nylon guitar string 0.8 mm dia. through the holes and riveting by squeezing with a heated tweezers.
A close-up of the push-fit joint of the left track rod.
The main track rod connecting the two front wheels is constructed from 1 mm dia. paper clip wire. The two ends are thinned in section and bent as shown. A push-fit is aimed as well.
The steering mechanism is completed and the motions are tested to a full left and full right as shown.
The radiator, fan and radiator hoses (made from insulated copper wire) are glued in their places with 5-minute epoxy.