An Index To Various Tips And How-To's On My Pages
A Metal Chassis
A Working Coil Spring Front Suspension
A Working Leaf Spring Front Suspension
A Working Leaf Spring Rear Suspension
A Body From Sheet Metal
Twin Headlights
A Working Crane / Excavator arm
Constructing A Sliding Van Door
Building A Base Track For A Diorama
Resin Copying Various Parts
Detachable Inner Trim Panels
Manufacturing Seats
Operating Door Lock and Window Crank
Butterfly Metal Hinges For Doors (scratchbuilt)
A Bootlid
A Door
A Rear Door
A Hood
Moderately Modifieds
Heavily Modifieds
Widening Fenders
Making Dented Parts
Aftermarket Cast Cylinder Block
Interior Junk and Door Inner
Making A Real Wooden Pickup Bed Floor
Trim elements, accessories, etc.